The Stephens & Miller Partnership

Stephens & Miller have been making unique pieces of jewellery from the same Prospect Hill Road location since 1956. The story behind the partnership of Albert Miller and Frank Stephens is unique too:

Despite going their separate ways after school together, both C. Frank Stephens and Albert S. Miller undertook apprenticeships with different manufacturing jewellers in the city. However, neither knew the other was a jeweller until Albert joined the same firm as Frank after completing his apprenticeship.

Then came the Second World War, and the two enlisted in 2/24th Battalion, later attached to the 9th Australian Division. This Division was part of the ‘Rats of Tobruk’ during the siege of that town by Axis forces.

It was at Tobruk where both men were taken prisoner and were sent to P.O.W. camps in Italy. Both men escaped though, meeting up later in Switzerland after taking different routes.

On return to Australia, Frank and Albert decided to start a business together as manufacturing jewellers. Albert Miller’s home in Mayston Road, Camberwell was where Stephens & Miller begun and in 1956 the workshop moved to the current location at Prospect Hill Road. Frank Stephens’ son Cliff later took over the business, retiring in 2015.

We are proud to continue to provide the same dedicated service and fine jewellery that began with Frank and Albert.

Commitment & Responsibility

Stephens & Miller are committed to being a responsible jeweller and local business, including the following:

The Kimberly Process (conflict diamonds). We purchase diamonds only from suppliers that comply with the UN initiated Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. The Kimberley Process is a joint government, industry and civil society initiative introduced in 2000 to stem the flow of conflict diamonds.

Environmental Responsibility. We are committed to minimising the effects of their activities on the environment. Some of these actions include the recycling of metals as well as in-house processes, using green electricity on the premises and disposing of chemicals through sustainable resource management organisations.

Community Support. Over many years Stephens & Miller have contributed to the local community and provided continued support to charities and organisations across Camberwell and Victoria.